How to Choose Surfboard Accessories

Every surfer surfs on the sea should prepare some surfboard accessories to take care theirselves. This article introduces several surfboard accessories' basic functions. We hope you can shop wisely.

What’s the use of a Fin? It makes surfboard can turn! Also flexible rudder is suitable for beginners to intermediate program, soft rudder is suitable for beginners or practice board use. So we recommend a beginner a flexible and soft rudder.
Some surfboard must be used with the fins.There are single, three or five pieces of fin. Generally, Longboard matches with single fin, while other boards match with three pieces of fin.
Nowadays, most plate rudders adopt patented Fin Control System (Fin Control System) FCS, which is convenient for replacement and travelling. However, the early fixed rudder is also favored by surfing masters, and its strength in big waves is better than that of FCS.

It is the only thing keeps you safe when you are surfing. When you wipe out, you can use it to retrieve your surfboard. Then your board will not be washed back to the shore or hit other people.
In general, according to the collocation of surf board length of rope can choose the same or close to the length of the foot, foot the diameter of the rope to withstand external forces may also be affected, shock waves should be natural collocation thick feet rope, small waves can choose thin foot line, otherwise there will be a great burden, for example: use 8 feet long board can match 8 feet long leash, also usually has double bearing (double swivels) is better than single bearing, are less likely to tie up to.

Most board damage occurs during handling, and the board bag saves you from having to repair the damage you accidentally hit. General board bag is divided into two types, single or double pieces of daily bag and as many as 6 pieces of travel bag. Travel protection is thick to prevent airport porters from trampling on our precious boards.