BRIGHT EVER LLC was formed in 2021 to create exceptional quality, innovative outdoors products unique to the market. Years of testing, innovating and improving have resulted in quality paddleboards and electric bikes available on the market. Quality and service are our top priority. We still keep doing everything we can to ensure the quality of our products.

SUDOO is one of the most popular online outdoor products retailers. We have developed stable suppliers domestic and abroad. We keep providing our customers the best outdoor brand on the market with competitive price and the best customers services. Life lies in movement. We are dedicated to inspiring and helping you to have a wonderful experience in paddling and riding. We are encouraged to improve, innovate and make changes for better.

Find the styles you want. We have more than a dozen paddleboards and ebikes. There is always one for you. We are encouraged to innovate more styles and provide the best one for you. Years investing, researching and innovating, we stand proud to offer a special selections of paddleboard and ebike to suit everybody.

Knowledgeable, experienced, and harbouring a genuine passion for paddleboard and electric bikes, the team remains unafraid and inspired to create SUP & eBikes that we all want! Specialists in SUP & eBike delivery & mail order. We’ve been selling SUP & eBikes online for years and possess a huge amount of experience in SUP & eBike delivery & mail order, meaning that when you buy your new SUP & eBike online from us, you can rest assured it will be delivered to you safely & securely.

Our Commitment

We devoted ourselves to the wide range of paddle boards and other watersport products (Like diving suit, kayak etc.) to the worldwide. So far, We have equipped warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia to provide customers with the best shopping experience.

Our vision

Stable and reliable quality and humanized service are our promise to customers. We will always focus on building an image, relying on technological innovation, and based on talent management, and strive to create a world-class SUP company.

Our direction

To provide various options of models as replacement for expensive and overpriced sup. We are confident that our product will be good as name brand.

I like outdoor sports. I will take the time with any paddleboard enthusiast who asks me to help them find their way both on and out of the water.

Shawn Wilson
Who doesn’t like colorful SUP? Thank you MINERAL FUSION B2B for the beauty and let me show off my wanton and fun life!

Astrid Sorensen
Oslo, Norway

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