The Story of Ediors

2020 is the fourth year of Ediors’s establishment; it is also a year in which the lighting industry has undergone changes. It is a year in which our spirit of forging ahead and not giving up, hand in hand and never giving up, is remembered. It is also a year for Ediors to move towards an ambitious future.

In the course of the growth and development of Ediors, there are consumers who have supported us for a long time, dealers and industry partners who have gone hand in hand with us, investors who have paid attention to and recognized Ediors for a long time, and Ediors who have worked together. it is you, our family, let us walk with the light, be inspired and feel warm. 

After the trials, Ediors is more confident in the long-term value of the industry. As the manufacturer and transmitter of light, we will deepen our feet, look to the future, and bring the beauty and value of light to more people. We want to turn everyday lighting into a unique and wonderful experience. Play with different colors and combine your intelligent synchronization of personalized lighting and music.

The importance of light to us,

Just like air and water;

When you see the light,

It is love, warmth and hope;

And beyond what you see,

It is the guardian of persistence, the expectation of waiting,

It is the destination we will go to forever.

To the light, to the future.

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